At some point in everyone’s life, every person learns the importance of strength. Some people would call superfluous, but for Jan and Bianca, strength proved to be an absolute necessity.

Jan had developed his own self-confidence that could move mountains. At such an early age, his vision was to be the “emperor of the world” and nothing less. However, it proved inadeqate when some bullies in school locked him in his own locker in a high school tussle. That was when Jan learned that he needed more power…more authority. So he took to the gym and by unshakable discipline and an indomitable will, he carved himself into a modern-day Atlas whom everyone respected.

For Bianca, she was her daddy’s little princess. For  little girls, there was absolutely no other hero for her than her dad. He fondly called her “Happiness Angel Girl”. And no other term of endearment meant to Bianca as much as that. But as fate would soberingly remind her, we never have control over our lives. In 2008, Bianca’s dad passed away, leaving a heartbroken girl in his wake. That day was the first day on her lesson on strength and how she needed to numb away the pain of such a loss.

Pride and heartbreak. It was these two things that eventually connected Jan & Bianca. It was with these two glitches that God orchestrated and prepared them for a love story of a lifetime.

Jan learned all about Jesus first and understood the meaning of humility through His example. It was during this transformative period that Jan committed to reading the Bible every day.

During one of her trips to the gym, Bianca was introduced to Jan. As fate would have it, it was in the gym that they both strengthened their physical capabilities as well as their friendship. It eventually blossomed and eventually, Jan introduced Bianca to his own hero. Bianca had so many questions for God but as she continued to learn about kindness and humility through Jan’s example, she understood that the Jesus in the Bible changes lives and provides peace where there is confusion.

There are moments in our lives when we feel most vulnerable…when all hope is lost. It is a time when we feel most alone, but Jan & Bianca’s story tells us that in the end everything will be alright. And if it’s not yet alright, then it’s not yet the end. What started out as a chapter of heartbreak and loss transitioned to a meeting with one’s soulmate which then ended with the union of Jan, Bianca and the Almighty.

And so another plot begins in the lives of these two. A story within a story.

“A triple-braided cord is not easily broken.”

Bride. Groom. God.

Strength in numbers was always a way to go.