So we’re moving out from the house that we’ve lived in for the past 24 years—temporarily, of course. One of the goals of the family was to have the house renovated. And as we’re nearing the move, we’ve been packing and unpacking all sorts of stuff that we’ve accumulated over the years and I realized one thing: we’ve allowed so much junk in my life. Granted, there have been some stuff that I’ve forgotten to throw away (like that old camera box that I so sentimentally seem attached to), some of the stuff that I have are in my life because I’ve allowed them to stay there.

From paper shavings to ruined printed pictures and old tin cans DVD covers, and year-old pens…I’ve realized that I have so much stuff that I don’t need anymore.

One of the things that you normally think about a move is that you need to take everything with you. But nothing could be farther from the truth. You only need to take with you the things that matter.

One of the few things that my closest friends know about me is that I’m a people person. It’s funny, now that I look at it. How this move has been some sort of an exercise that I can apply in how I should handle relationships.

In the early part of my life, I’ve succumbed to the Facebook philosophy that more friends equals a better life. The older you get, the shorter your need-to-have list becomes.

The move has been uncomfortable, to say the least. But it’s exciting to know that you can have a clean slate again and just start from the beginning. In order to be able to enjoy something in life, I think it’s always vital that you see the bigger picture. After this, we get to plan again and take a look at the stuff that we need and want in our life. It’s going to be tough and tedious at times. But if you knew that you’d be coming out of the experience as a better (and more organized) person, would you want to go about it any other way?

Know what you  need, keep what you need.