I remember the moment I met our bride-to-be quite vividly.

The three-day retreat was drawing to a close and a friend approached me and introduced me to Louise. She was having relationship problems at the time and our common friend mentioned that maybe I could talk to her just to process things since I openly shared to the attendees how I also experienced a similar situation in the past.

I listened to Louise pour her heart out and I knew that things wouldn’t be easy after the retreat. You had to go back to reality and face difficult choices, days filled with anxiety and–should she decide to move on—a heartbreaking farewell to a familiar life.

Eventually, she made the decision to move forward from a heartbreak to completely trusting in a greater plan.

That “greater plan” has taken shape in the form of her love story today. The following photographs are not only a testament to the sovereignty of an Almighty God who holds every good plan for your life but also proof that the wondrous beauty of waiting is worth more than any temporary emotional security a meantime relationship can bring.

It’s amazing how different things look like after surrendering to a better plan. <3

May goodness and love follow you as you trust in better plans. Cheers!