And so it begins–this journey of sorts.

I think every creative mind has entertained or pursued blogging at least once in their life. For me, I started a while back and at some varying times in my life, concluded that I would never have anything interesting to say or share. After all, we have a thousand and one blogs out there all vying for the attention and sometimes adoration of their prospective readers. Seemed like an awful lot of pressure for a would-be writer. And so I abandoned it and focused my efforts on different things. And for a time, it was freeing.

But, alas,  a writer will always be a writer. And so here I am again, trying to write again–attempting.

I guess it is just as fate would have me do: to try and try again and with a newborn mastery of light, see things in a more positive way.



How do you start something you’ve done all your life and yet have so little to work with?

I guess, therein lies the secret: you just go out there and do it.

There will be clouds to darken one’s days but the greys on our canvas are not forever.  They are temporary and as soon as we keep faith, we find ourselves being surprised at our progress.

Here’s to all of those who will decide to take that first step.