We aren’t always aware of it but each and every time we open up to possibilities, we open up to miracles coming in to our lives.

The most mundane things somehow catches us off guard and disarms us for a fleeting moment. A word spoken, a humorous statement shared and even a simple hello, given.

And when Van saw Shirin for the first time at the backrow of grad school, he never knew his life would ever be the same again. First impressions were interesting for Van and it was the piquing of his curiousity that made him sit up a little straighter and look a little longer. Unlie most curiosities, Van’s never fizzled out nor waned. It grew stronger. And he bided his time and like a grandmaster, waited for his opening.

“Hello. Is it me you’re looking for?”

It would’ve been splendid if our hero had delivered that line…and even more epic if our heroine fell for it.

But whatever Van said, it made Shi laugh.

And so the conversation began.

And continued.

And at times when things weren’t going so well, the conversation stopped.

But it would always go back to that simple, “Hey”…that one word or phrase that would always bring them back together. Without complications or commotion, Van and Shi would always talk. And my, how those conversations filled both their days and their hearts.

You look at these photographs and you somehow see the easy part of the process. The “I do”s and the wedding plans–all of those are the crescendo of the relationship. What you and I never hear about are the little whispered promises, the heartfelt messages without emoticons, the emails that were typed in tears and the hands that held each other in silence.

The extravagant parts are the ones that you and I see as guests, relatives, family, co-workers and friends.

But the beautiful parts–the heartbreakingly beautiful ones–those are what hold two people in love together.

Van & Shirin, everybody.

Here’s to a love borne out of hellos and one that would be held together by everything in between.

Main photographer: Toto Villaruel
Videographer: Red Sheep Cinema
Wedding coordination: Wedding Treasures
Catering: Bizu Patisserie
Chalk art: Zeus Martinez