I just came from filming episode 1 of  The Better Story Project’s Truth Bombs series. The series aims to answer some of the interesting and difficult questions that women ask as they navigate life on their own terms by dropping down “truth bombs” on them.

Bea Pantoja of The Dalaga Project (www.thedalagaproject.com)

By definition, a truth bomb is a fact or piece of knowledge that, when told to a listener, is devastating to the listener’s argument or world view. It’s a segment of The Better Story Project that aims to help guide women in different areas of their lives by giving well-thought-out but compelling answers. Some of the answers might resonate well with the people who asked them and some might not. What it does guarantee is a different perspective.

  The first episode will be launched on October 2013 and will be done by special guest host Bea Pantoja of The Dalaga Project (www.thedalagaproject.com) so do watch out for those episodes. You might learn a thing or two on how to handle life in practical, unorthodox and yet sensible ways. You can find out more about The Better Story Project by liking their Facebook page for updates. For those who would like to have their questions answered in future episodes, you could email your curious queries ranging from love problems to career shifts to betterstoryproject@gmail.com

P.S. Special thanks to Raniel Hernandez who was our handy dandy camera man for the day and for Isa Garcia who provided us with enough food and cozy couches the entire day. :)