Fashion photography has been one of my sources of inspiration. I always thought that if I didn’t enter the wedding photography world, I would probably be in the fashion industry as a photographer. Granted that the two are worlds apart in terms of flow, disciplines and skills needed, the one common denominator is the transformation that happens.

In the same way a bride prepares herself hours before the ceremony, the talents for the day do the same. They both go through a metamorphosis of sorts and the only difference between the two is that the model is on work mode while the bride-to-be is in all sorts of modes. (i.e. nervous, excited, sentimental, etc.)

Mika, the wavy haired chinita you see here just came back from New Zealand to celebrate her 18th birthday. It was through her sister, Patty, that I met Mika and I really hoped at the time that I would be able to photograph her when she visits the Philippines. Eventually Mika tells me that she had a trip planned and that she would love to have me cover her debut. And who could say no to that?

With Riana, she’s the sister of one of my apprentices and trusted photographers, Rain. When we were in a shoot together once, I learned that Riana really loved the idea of becoming a model. And why not? She had the height, the body type and the professionalism of a model. It was something that I really wanted to help her with–as a way of giving back to Rain’s family and simply just to help her out in her dream.

It’s funny because the forming of the team was really because of a compilation of  so many introductions. I met Deb Victa through a youth retreat; Patty, Mika’s big sister, I met in a random trip with church friends; Jelaine Chua, through a benefit shoot and Rain, through the youth ministry over at my church.

It’s amazing how small introduction can lead to a convergence of capacities and the our happenstance meetings can actually yield something beautiful when you keep an open mind and a receiving heart.

Here are just some behind-the-scenes of our shoot. <3 Be sure to check out Riana’s photos here and Mika’s set here.