Chrizie was one of the winners of the 2014 W@W (Weddings at Work) Auction and she messaged me about doing an engagement shoot that was fun, happy and lively. She and Glen had mentioned that they had already gone through their “serious” photoshoot and this time, they wanted to have memoirs that reflected a positive and joyous vibe.

On the day of the shoot–before any shutter clicked–they already had their work cut out for them. They had to rent another van because of mechanical problems, rush a food tasting engagement with another supplier and finally endure the surprising traffic in EDSA before getting to the venue. Which left me, the photographer, the impossible task of calming down a flustered bride-to-be. Keeping a good mood in place, I told her that whatever shot she’d like to get, we’ll try to get it.

When Chrizie stepped out of the car, she was already beaming. It was a good day for a shoot, actually. We had a lot of afternoon sunshine so it put everyone in a good mood. You’ll see Glen and Chrizie here as happy campers and you wouldn’t even guess that they had a bad start to their day.

We photographed well into the night just to get a few night shots in and I would have to admit that it was one of the easiest shoots that I’ve ever been in. The bride-to-be was gorgeous and her partner, Glen, was as dashing as any pseudo-aircraft pilot could look in civilian clothes.

We ended the night by trading stories over dinner. Chrizie would tell how she and Glen would be the exact opposite of each other. There are times that like-minded people come together and find an affinity for the same things but in their case, Chrizie raves about their differences and still celebrates her love for Glen. Have you ever talked to a couple who would lovingly joke about each other and tease each other when they’re asked about their significant other? Glen & Chrizie are that kind of match. It’s an amazing sight to behold when two people talk about what annoys them about the other person while at the same time see the sparkle in their eyes.

Maybe when love is in the equation, it messes up the normal; maybe it makes two different people with opposite personalities still manage to laugh and love each other. Perhaps when love is in the picture, the strange or the impossible ceases to exist.

Cheers to you two! And to whoever’s reading, may you find unity in diversity–especially in the way you love and show love to the ones you care about.