It’s a such a joy seeing an entire family gushing over a little person. I think that’s why I love being a witness to these kinds of unrehearsed moments as it bares a person’s soul. The way a little child sleeps soundly on their bed or how a mother dotingly caresses her firstborn’s chubby cheeks–everything is worthy of being remembered.

I met Diana when I was at my last corporate stint. At that time, she was already engaged and she would sometimes ask for advice on who would be the best option to be her wedding photographer. It was one  of our talking points at that time and eventually she and Dino (her now-husband) got married. Fast-forward to this phase of their lives where they are now more joyful and their family is even more united because of Haneul. Dino (or “Taewoo” to his family) gave Haneul his name because it means “sky” and that’s why they decided on an aviator kind of theme, which their event stylist, Style Events, executed to perfection.

There’s something about the name “Sky” that makes it beautiful. Maybe it’s because of my love for cloudscapes and how I pretty much take photos of skies and clouds when they’re at their most beautiful or maybe it just points me to the right direction which is upward. There are times that I look most downward and focus on the negative but whenever I gaze up, I am reminded that there’s so much more to what is troubling me. The name, at least to me, is something that gives me assurance that everything will be okay. May you find your own north star, may you find that fork in the road that you were destined to take and may you always remember that if you require hope, you need only but look up.