Life throws things at us a hundred miles a minute. As daunting as it is, it does help when everything slows down. A prenup shoot at the beach is exactly what Till & Mira wanted to do. As beach junkies and lovers of the sun, they decided to just kick back the day before the wedding, take a tour of the venue and just soak up the afternoon sun at Shangri-La Boracay.

As we started the day, we couldn’t have been more blessed with a cerulean gradient on our skies, sparse clouds to enjoy the sun and enough warmth between two souls delighting in each other’s presence. You could say that it was a perfect day for everything beach-worthy and then some.

The session just saw Till and Mira walk around the grounds of the resort. It felt more of everyone lounging and just exploring everything than a conspired photoshoot. To cap things off, the couple decided to take to the shore and take their relaxing day up a notch.

May you find comfort in the parting of skies and be showered in sunlight. Cheers!