Every story has a turning point: a singular moment that changes the course of the entire narrative. It sometimes comes crashing through the lives of the plot and in some cases, it creeps ever so slowly and then spills over the entire cast of characters.

Tim did not encounter one such moment–his journey seemed to be a roadmap which was full of hard rights and angled turns that it looked more like he was on an off-road course than a well-paved highway.

He confessed that he was at the lowest point in his life when he met Ash. It was during such a time that Tim was out of touch with his spiritual life when he met someone as angelic as her. He brushed all possibilities aside just as swiftly as the Beast ignored any chance he had with Belle. It was never going to happen as far as he was concerned.

A hard left.

Ash served in the music ministry in her native town of Pampanga when Tim heard of her. And although Tim was a bassist, he was somehow walking a different path than Ash at the time. In an uncanny twist of fate, Tim found himself in Israel, serving as a musician in the Feast of Tabernacles alongside some of the best musical talents in the world. That opportunity allowed him to find his North star and rekindled his faith and relationship with Jesus Christ, among many things.

A right turn.

Last year, he and Ashley were invited to serve again in the Feast of Tabernacles and he knew at that time that God was ushering him and Ash in a different and much more exciting phase of their lives. Tim suggested that Ash and himself both hike up the Mount of Olives and while overlooking the entire city of Jerusalem, Tim proposed to Ash in the very same spot where their one true Miracle-Maker preached to crowds.

Another right turn.

So many amazing things happened in Tim’s life before it led to the altar. One could contend that the level of serendipity that he had gone through could be nothing short of supernatural as he encountered blessing after blessing.

It was as if someone had guided Tim through all of his decisions, all of the important crossroads in his journey towards Ashley’s heart. He delighted in telling me that when he traveled all the way to Pampanga to ask permission from Ashley’s normally strict mother, her mom said yes and in true surprising fashion, even welcomed Tim quite warmly.

Another turn in the right direction.

And when the time came for Tim to talk to Ashley’s mom to ask for permission to propose to her in Israel, they had a chance encounter in a carpool ride which eventually ended with a seal of approval.

Everything, was orchestrated to perfection. From the simple nuances of their relationship to the kind of harmony and discord that was allowed in it, each and every step seemed to be directed with the kind of composition that could only be as enchantingly perfect as the language of music.

Tim and Ashley have a word for that kind of consonance. To them, everything was #GodOrdained.