The church had more steps than usual. It was as if it was long and steep enough to make you realize that you need to be preparing yourself to enter hallowed halls. When you reached the top, you had to go through a gated entrance before even reaching one of two main doors. And when I slowly excused myself in between the bridesmaids and guests parked at the entrance, I was able to see for the very first time what the inside of an Iglesia Ni Cristo church looked like. The church, with their leather and metal seats, was quite foreign to me as I was used to wooden pews neatly arranged across an aisle. It was during this time that I remembered how blessed I am to be seeing something for the first time again.

You see, this was my first time to cover a church wedding by this particular denomination. I had photographed the bride and groom’s engagement photos and I asked if I could just snap a few photos during their wedding. Chrizie, the beautiful bride you see in the photos below, happily obliged and said she would love it if I could go.

Rarely do I go into “observation mode” when I photograph a wedding. It’s more because whenever I work, I’m in a specific zone from start to finish. While I’m peering through the viewfinder to find the best angle of a particular moment, my mind is currently juggling the thought of where I can photograph the couple’s portraits if it rains. And then there’s the small fraction of my mind thinking where I can get a drink of water every now and then. Mostly though, I shoot when I need to and don’t stop until there’s a legitimate pause in the flow of the day.

During this wedding, however, I was able to soak everything in. I clearly remembered how beautiful Chrizie and Glen looked together in their engagement photos. I remembered how they lovingly teased each other and how the twinkle in their eyes told how they honestly felt about each other.

These were two people who were making a conscious decision to love each other and forsake everyone else. It’s not an easy decision to make but they both willingly do it because they know that no other person will do.

Glen & Chrizie are two brilliant minds. They’re lawyers and marriage seems to run counter against anything logical. But to them–for the rest of their lives–this will be the only thing that will make sense to them: to love each other for the rest of their lives.

The jury is out as to whether it will be a marriage of more ups than downs but for Glen & Chrizie, the verdict will always be a love that lasts forever.