When you’ve logged as many hours watching movies for as long as I have, you sort of resign yourself to the fact that most of the gestures shown in those films remain in the realm of fiction.

The iconic scenes that litter the landscape of romantic films will always be etched in our minds.

That time when that “To me you are perfect” scene in Love Actually left you and Keira Knightley speechless. And what’s even more amazing is that you realize that it was Rick Grimes who was flipping through the signs all along.

How about Heath Ledger breaking into song to serenade young Julia Stiles while she was in the middle of football practice.

And who could forget that kiss in the rain by Noah & Allie after that killer line: “It wasn’t over. It still isn’t over.”

When Mark looks back at his pursuit of Kris, he will look back to the days where he would make sure that he would be assigned to the same boarding gate as Kris was assigned to. His memories would certainly hark back to the times where he would travel almost 200km only to bring Kris home and then go back to where he stays. It is something that seems much grander in hindsight but to Mark, it was something that didn’t needed any prodding or convincing.

To him, it was either to be happy with her or to live in misery without her. The choice was free from complications–like a child who had only one answer when asked about whether he loved someone or not.

And when Mark answered, he answered in quiet gestures and consistent kindness. The highlight of their relationship was never just a 30-second kiss and it could never be summed up in a killer one-liner. The love story that they shared would only be told through patient tones and the grueling journey of kilometers passed.

And as with all journeys, no one destination is always permanent. We settle down on one place and we uproot ourselves when needed. As Noah put it, the journey was never over.

It still isn’t over.