Whenever you see a photograph of a bride and a groom in front of an altar, you only see one frame–frozen in time. To dismissive eyes, it is nothing but another shot of a couple finally tying the knot. What you don’t see are the beginnings and the meeting of minds. You never see how two unique individuals mesh and clash every single day as you would see in a supernova. You never see the infinite longing of the other person and the incalculable weight of emotions that wrap each one when they leave each other’s orbit. People are like stars. They explode and implode because these feelings–these guiding lights that they call emotions–ebb and flow. They do not stand still and while they move about, they cannot help but take part in a beautiful dance of joy.

Mike and Nadine never had that love at first sight feeling even though they were set up by their friends to meet each other. Yet as two people who had quiet yet equally magnetic personalities, they couldn’t help but drift towards each other. All it took was for them to see what they had been missing their entire lives and they were never the same again. Mike fell for Nadine and she also knew that she wanted to be with him. When it came time for Mike to make a decision, he eventually sold everything he had in Australia, left his life there just so he could be together with Nadine. He booked a one-way ticket to the Philippines because everything didn’t even matter without Nadine by his side.

Nadine was also accepted by Mike’s family and she fit in perfectly in their lives. Mike’s mother who hadn’t seen Nadine yet at the time of the announcement of them being together already loved Nadine. Every time he would have the chance, Mike would share his dreams and future plans with Nadine. She would only describe this kind of oneness as if they had their own little planet to tend.

When you look up at the stars, you never really think that anything much is happening. You see the light of a star that is somehow burning at the other end of the universe. Yet when you ask about its beginnings, there is so much to talk about–so much context in flickering lights as if to say, “Hey, look at me. Look closer and let me show you.” The love story of Nadine and Mike is as unique as the crests and troughs of twirling supernovas dancing in the galaxy. Each pulse different, every rise and fall of their shapes, one in a billion.

The human race have studied space and the different things that it holds out there–quasars, nebulae, galaxies, supernovas and giant stars. The scientists at SETI aimed an electro magnetic radio telescope at pulsars way off in space. Those were thousands of light years from the earth and they wanted to listen if there was any intelligent life on earth. The aimed it at sixteen millisecond pulsars and supernovas which were oscillating and shooting a radio frequency. You would never guess in a million years that when combined, the synth-like qualities and percussive beats would combine into a hymn that was actually composed by a musician singing about the greatness of God.

Anyone can interpret a snapshot. But in order to see people for who they really are, you need to learn to listen intently to whispered tales and ask about the little things that the heart goes through. Much like quarks spinning on an axis, so do the tales that two people start once they attract each other.

The photographs below will contain single frames of what transpired during that electric 12-hour period. For some of the people who will view this album, the bride and groom might be strangers to you as you begin to go through the immortalized moments. Yet, I challenge you to look past art and composition and see two stars who have somehow managed to align themselves and shine brighter because of each other’s light.


Can you see them now? Can you now look beyond the photograph of two people merely going through the motions of a sacrament?

Do you see the tears borne out of fear that the other person could possibly give up?

Do you see the rapture that is found in the face of a jet-lagged person, wheeling their suitcase and their entire life meeting you in a dingy airport?

Do you now hear the sobs of the girl as the sun-colored ring was being slipped on by the man of her dreams?

Find the beauty. Ask for the story.

Because the most beautiful moments in our lives will always have one.