I love the quiet ones. Maybe because I, myself, also shy away from the crowds and function better when I can hear myself thinking. I consider myself as a textbook introvert and like  most introverts, they take in the sounds of their surroundings more than they add to it. I’d like to think that when we do finally say something, it’s already evolved to a well-thought-out nugget of information that we carefully share to those around us. I thought that I was already quiet but when I met Arvin and Cristina, all of the noise seemed to slowly fade and I found myself noticing the pauses in conversation. They were the kind of silent moments that afforded you the time to think and just take everything in before you would bring up the next topic. And I loved it.

As with all couples that I work with, rarely have they gone through the rigors of a full-blown photoshoot with a production team and accompanying hairstylists and makeup artist. So when Arvin and Cristina came to me and expressed their concerns over what they should do during the shoot, I assured them that I would help them navigate the intricacies of this rare event. Since we were photographing in Lakeshore, Pampanga, we made sure that we made use of the beautiful weather that day. After Cristina’s makeup was done, we started by just doing a few shots here and there and eventually, both of them warmed up to the idea of being photographed. I eventually eased their way into the idea of having cameras pointed directly at them.

I think that’s the important thing of having a photographer who understands your vision and what kind of man and woman you want to remember when you look back at your engagement shoot. Do you want to remember the kindness in your fiancé’s eyes or the strength of your bride-to-be from her confident smile? Would you love to reminisce your amazing chemistry that you have when you two break into uncontrollable laughter or will you cherish the goofiness that you two share about the strangest of affinities? All couples have something unique about their relationship that binds them together. They are sometimes quirky but they share it nonetheless. It could be one thing or many different others but with Arvin and Cristina, they shared a quietness–a kind of muted admiration for each other that can only come from sharing a common love. I always admired that about couples: when you see them quietly glance at each other and the looks that they give each other fill in all of the silences in between.

I love the quiet ones. Cheers to Arvin and Cristina for finding the one they can be quiet with in a noisy world.