By all means, these smiles should never exist; and I’ll tell you why in a minute. If you had just visited this entry and had only seen the following scenes and had taken them at face value, it would seem like a common collection of typical wedding vignettes–the preparation of the blushing bride in the morning, the bridesmaids surrounding her in ecstatic glee and a beautiful portrait of the newlyweds. Yet to Cholo and Faye’s families, to their friends–and most of them are actually their fans–these photographs do not just tell a story. They speak of a miracle…one that can only be God-breathed.

Their journey begins with a breakup of sorts. Cholo and Faye were in a long-distance courtship however, they could not make it work so they called it quits. It wasn’t something that they could support. The absence was too much, so to speak. The lingering feeling of wanting to just reach out to that one person who could “make it all better” was unavailable. Their lack of ability to see each other face-to-face whenever they would want to eventually took its toll and a romance that essentially started since high school had to end. How do you even stop talking to a someone just like that? To someone who you envisioned you could spend your entire life with?

After the breakup, Faye held on tight to the possibility of them trying again even after the courtship finished but Cholo, on the other hand, handled the heartbreak quite differently. He moved on to someone else after things turned sour. The knight in shining armor found another damsel and he left his first love.

That was the backstory that most of his friends knew. It was a cold, dark and silent truth that both of them needed to accept at the time.

Yet you know now this doesn’t end there because the True Author of their hearts never put the pen down.

He merely paused.

Sometimes we place periods when God only means to place pauses. There is a distinct difference between the darkness that happens to transition one scene to the next and the fade to black that happens before a movie’s final credits. “The wait” is most misunderstood out of all phases in our lives as sons and daughters of God simply because the duration isn’t known to us or anyone else. We can choose to enjoy our journey and call it a blessing or we may choose to see it as a barren desert. Cholo might have found a temporary oasis after their breakup and Faye wandered alone in her own kind of wilderness, yet both eventually were found by God when He met them exactly where they were.

Faye, in her heartbreak, rediscovered her heart as it was romanced by her Maker and First Love. She actually prayed that if Cholo wasn’t the one, then she wanted all of her feelings for him taken away. She wanted a peaceful surrender of her life and lovelife to God. She would soon discover that re-surrendering her lovelife to Christ was worth every bit of her fractured heart because she found the love she needed and the comfort that she longed for. Strange as it may seem, Faye found her self worth while walking with Jesus in her personal wilderness. In His presence, she saw God mirror to her who she really was and saw herself as God sees her–loved, adored, precious and worth more than anything in this world.

Faye turned 24 and she woke up as a different person. Yet, like all Daddy’s girls who would ask their father for something special, she asked for one thing. She prayed, “Lord, surprise me.”

Cholo, on the other hand, found that if it was not Faye, it wouldn’t be worth pursuing until the end. Like a piece building up to a crescendo, both found out that they were going to be invited to a wedding of a common contact. Cholo decided in his heart that this time, he wanted to pursue her. He didn’t throw out that term lightly because he knew he was up against miles of separation again. In his heart, he despised the distance and the lack of connection of a long-distance relationship but he knew that in order to bridge the chasm between their hearts, distance had to be a non-factor. Cholo didn’t want to hurt Faye again. It would probably break him even more if it happened again. And so as much as Faye did, Cholo lifted their relationship to God and waited for October 24th–the day they would meet each other again.

Picture this: Faye dressed elegantly as a wedding guest and Cholo donning an outfit fit for a groom. The idle time was enough to iron out what needed to be ironed. And they did exactly just that.

“I want us to try a long-distance relationship not because I badly want it but I want God to be in charge of everything. I want him to run the show,” Faye said.

Cholo was surprised and at that exact moment knew that the Faye that she left before was nowhere to be found. He knew that she was ready and that she had God on her side.

You remember that surprise that Faye asked for earlier? This was when it would happen.

After realizing how different Faye was, Cholo prayed right then and there for guidance from God, knelt down and asked Faye to be his girlfriend on the spot.

She said, “Yes” and the rest, as they say, is history.

Out of all the things we can worry about, we worry about the simplest of things. We ask if we will ever find “the One” or if we will ever get a job where we can be happy with or if we can ever get out of the rut that we’re currently in. I have prayed for the same guidance that Cholo asked God that day. And God always pulled through for me. Most of my heart’s desires would come–maybe not during the time that I wanted it but there are times when I can remember praying, “Lord, it would be such an amazing thing if I photographed a couple here” and then it would eventually happen not out of my skill or my doing rather because of God’s grace in my life. The couple below is a testament of God’s faithfulness and how He will always pull through if you put Him in the center of your life. To be honest, there were times that His faithfulness even exceeded mine because He would lead me to places and people that would eventually remind me of His love for me.

This entry isn’t for everyone. It isn’t for those who need flashy effects or amazing angles. The photos here might not blow you away with its artistry but if you gaze into each person’s eyes, you would only find one thing.


From the friends who gave their unwavering support to the parents of the couple who lovingly laid hands on their children.

From the amazing set of suppliers who lovingly crafted the coziest setup that they could to the perfect weather everyone experienced the entire ceremony.

All of it resounded love in its purest and most disarming form.

May you find love in the right time when you place love in the center and allow its Author to write it in the exact way He had always planned it.