The best part about not expecting something is that you stop complaining about the detours and instead enjoy the ride.

Ian and Sherelle seem to be the most unlikely of pairings. It might seem like an ideal match now in the photos to follow but when Ian first walked into that same room Sherelle was in, he looked very much like your typical bad boy. If you can imagine a guy with long, black hair–longer than most people in the room–maintaining a quiet yet mysterious vibe as he goes about mingling with other people, that was the Ian of old. Other people might have dismissed that kind of look, went on with their business without a care in the world for the new person who just stepped in. Not Sherelle.

In her words: Ian looked “remarkable”.

We would never get a chance to see that moment but if it were a scene from a movie, this would be about the time that the slow-mo would kick in. It would be a toss-up between an 80′s hit song or a 90′s classic playing in sync with Ian’s every move and we would get a closeup of a slowed down blink from Ian as we cut to Sherelle doing a double-take.

Or we could flip the script and have Ian doing all of the double-taking and glance-stealing instead.

By all accounts, Sherelle shouldn’t even have paid attention to Ian because she already had a list of what she wanted in the man that she had asked God for. Sherelle, in her own way, had also experienced heartbreak in the past and that led her even closer to God as she had found refuge in Him amidst her pain. It was this heartbreak that led her to put up walls and be very wary of who held her heart this time. They did become friends, however, as Sherelle got to know Ian, she knew that he was worlds apart from who God had intended for her.

If not for Love and Grace, our story would’ve ended years ago. But in the same way that Sherelle was welcomed by God when she came to Him, she did not shun Ian away nor did she disqualify him. As she said, the first time she laid eyes on Ian, he “looked remarkable”. The love story of Ian and Sherelle reminds me of God’s love in many ways–how He protects His plans and fulfills His promises and how He moves not only the biggest of mountains but the most steadfast of hearts.

During their first few encounters with each other, Sherelle could’ve walked away. Literally, any time. She could’ve told herself that she deserved more or she could’ve made up her mind that Ian “wasn’t the type of Christian that she deserved”,  so to speak. But she didn’t walk away. And she saw goodness instead of rebellion. Perhaps that’s the kind of love that Sherelle found in Jesus–the kind of crazy, illogical, hands-down-all-in kind of love. That legacy of unrelenting love continued during their union and will continue in the years to come…only because God loved She & Ian first.

There will be times in our lives that we will meet people who “don’t look the part”. But we never marry actors, do we? We are imperfect people who find and attract other imperfect people. The point isn’t perfection but progress. And when we find that one person who won’t stop at their default mode, who will love us with a love that continues to give and doesn’t count favors, then we will have found “The One”.