One of the few venues that I love shooting in is The Mango Farm. My love for nature aside, the appeal that the venue has to me is that it just has so many places that you can use in a shoot. You have walkways and walls and trees to use aside from the obvious places around the garden. But what draws me most to this place is the fact that given the right weather, you will just about have some of the best light that you’ll ever see. The rustling of the leaves when there’s a breeze and the peeking of sun rays through the leaves above lend to a kind of ethereal motif when the photographer knows how to use the light.

Mikee and Sam are two people who aren’t as keen on having themselves photographed.  As with all of the couples who trust me with their photos, these two are as shy as they come. Sam, whose photo I took a couple of years before, was actually shy once I started snapping a few photos to begin the session. Noticing this, I instructed her to just have her hug Mikee and not mind me as I would give them space to settle in as the shoot started. Both Mikee and Sam started opening up and enjoying their shoot once they were allowed a few candid moments here and there.

I realized that they are my people–the kind of couple that I love photographing. I find that whenever I encounter couples who resonate with my style, I notice that they aren’t professionally trained and that they always seek the guidance that I give during the shoot. It’s as if the kind of patience that I have continues to call out to those couples who have absolutely no idea what to do during a prenup shoot. Most of them have only seen a few pegs here and there in Pinterest but aside from online pegs and whatever photos they’ve consumed leading to the day of the prenup, all they know about an engagement shoot is all theoretical.

I found that when couples allow me to guide them and find where they are most comfortable, drawing out their natural smiles eventually follows. These are the kinds of expressions that only a relaxed person is capable of giving and it is founded on trust and a collaboration between photographer and couple. And even though it was the first time that Mikee & Sam were photographed professionally, everything came out as beautiful as could be.

Enjoy Mikee & Sam’s set at the beautiful and picturesque Mango Farm.