Tim & Ash Prenup

This entry has to be one of the more difficult entries that I had to write simply because I’ve known Tim for so long and there’s so much to say. I guess for me, there will always be undue pressure whenever I photograph a friend–simply because I have already shown my work in the past or that they’ve followed me to the point of being true believers of my craft.

The three of us met to discuss several details about the wedding and the prenup shoot and we agreed that we both wanted to do something fun and novel–the kind of shoot that they would look back on and enjoy reminiscing years down the road. We bounced ideas off one another and we eventually came up with this laid-back–one that was far from the din of city noise and distractions of urban landscapes.

One of the few things I love about this couple is that they were willing to work as hard as we were. As true blue troopers, they trusted us to find the hole-in-the-wall spots and the little secret places that only an open mind will notice. Their love story is as beautiful as any other romance and I’ll be sure to share it in a later post.

For now, I leave with you these fond memories of that day. <3



David & Hannah

The risks we take seldom bear fruit on the first day. The leaps of faith that we take rarely provide a peek into what kind of future we will have. However, one thing that we find out is that when that time comes, we are always taken by surprise. And when the first wave of adrenaline rush slowly settles down, we look back with a certain sense of clarity that only hindsight can offer.

Hannah had her eyes set on a new life–a clean slate. One day, she decided that she was going to start all over in Singapore. So she left everything familiar in her home country, sold her car and packed her entire life into a suitcase and decided that nothing was going to hold her back.

David had also a similar plan. It was supposed to be an in-and-out kind of operation. Go to Singapore, work for a while and leave. He had one cardinal rule when he set foot on that country: don’t fall in love.

Never more in his life was David so happy that his plans never worked out.

The two met and naturally didn’t think much of each other as they had plans they wanted to pursue. Hannah had an exit plan and left the country and never thought too much about David even after being friends with him for three months. And when she left Singapore and her future spouse (which she didn’t know then), she felt that she had left a significant part of her as well. David pursued her. He traveled to where Hannah was because he knew that as much as he loved to see Hannah pursue her dreams, he could not bear to see her go.

David and Hannah then began a long-distance relationship spanning several countries, meeting in several airports at a time whenever their schedules permitted. And one day, in the cobblestone streets of Paris, David asked her if she would marry him.


Had David asked a thousand times over, the answer would’ve been the same.

There are times that the love of your life is someone you already know. There are times that when you think about that one person you would ever dream of spending the rest of your life with, the answer would be someone familiar–someone who has cemented their place in your life. But life almost always has a delightful way of surprising you, of chasing you, of giving you an opportunity to take one of the biggest risks you would ever take in your life–and making it all worth it.

David & Hannah {Prenup}

Risks are a significant part of any relationship. An author who I deeply admired for his work actually said that to court love is to court pain. And nothing could be further from the truth. However, when we look at some of the greatest love stories ever told, we find interweaving threads of uncertainty. We look at the advances of a man and eagerly turn the page to see whether he received a “Yes” or a resounding “No”. And when our hero faces rejection, we never stop at it–not when there are several pages more to the story. Not when you have an inkling of a happy ending.

I’ve always believed in taking risks. You might have your fair share of letdowns but there will be times that when you risk your heart, you will find that you’ll get another one in return.

May you find someone who will always laugh with you throughout the years. <3


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