Tim & Ash

How exactly does a love story unfold? It begins in different places and goes through several sub-plots but eventually, a love story ends in a union. It ends with someone who is imperfect in every way, asking another imperfect person to say “Yes” to a life of togetherness, each and every day that they’re alive here on earth.

Both Tim & Ashley have beautiful stories to share. They have stories of both triumph and trials and even though their relationship is far from perfect, the important thing is that their love is both built on a strong foundation.

For now, I leave you with these photos of their prenup in Caliraya as they both prepare for married life in the coming days. Their beautiful June wedding will also be posted here in the blog so please do come back in a month so you can see their special day.

Until then, love, peace and hope be upon your lives. <3



DJ & Tin


I have always marveled at the quiet ones. Men and women whose depth can be known only after you spend time with them. I have always marveled at them because at first glance, you wouldn’t think too much of them because of the way that they act and move. But closer inspection and deeper discussion will always prove those who are quick to judge that there’s always more than meets the eye with the quiet ones. And I love it when expectations are challenged; I gravitate towards those people who make an impression without lifting a single finger or uttering a single word. Poetic justice, so to speak.

Tin & DJ fit that quiet, soft-spoken mold. But you’d be amazed at the kind of man DJ is from the way that he pursued Tin in a way that honored both God and Tin’s parents and family. Even though it was the kind of pursuit that did not have the frills of over-the-top romantic gestures it was as dogged as any kind of pursuit.

With Tin, she is the epitome of grace–both in its demonstration and its imparting. One of the few things that people who aren’t as close to her don’t know is that she is a faithful and loyal person. Cool as ice and consistent as the rising sun. My sister was actually part of the circle of girls that she mentored ever since I can remember. It’s been years and Tin still maintains that same circle of women that she has mentored.

Consistency is underrated. I think the glorification of romance and the wooing before the wedding day is well and good but a marriage will only survive with consistency, outlast the years with faithfulness and thrive with God in the center.

If there’s any union that I would bet on, it’s the one that is blessed with the presence of all three.


Carlo & Lara

Most people don’t realize that the fairy tales told on the altar have back stories. Some of the most common ones are predicated on trial and error.

It starts with a meeting…

Continues through courting…

Thrives through seasons and storms…

And if Providence be not on their side, they separate…

The search goes on; back to square one.

And the broken heart pushes forward–forgetting the past, eager to see the future.

Carlo and Lara, however, knew each other when they were still learning the basics of Science and the intricacies of English. As grade school seat mates, they had nicknames given to them by other people long before they would come up with their own as boyfriend and girlfriend.

And as they grew into the man and woman their parents raised them to be, a thousand miles would not be enough to separate them and their fate. Should a love endure time and distance; scorn and hardship; doubt and inconvenience, I think that kind of love deserves forever.

Meeting one’s soulmate is the easy part; it’s the hard work of keeping them where most people give up.

Carlo and Lara, you could say, never knew how to give up.

And that is why the following memoir exists.

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