Carlo & Lara Prenup

Carlo & Lara were literally counting days before they decided that they would have a prenup. It was too much work from a couple’s standpoint. Lara just arrived a few days earlier from overseas and Carlo was managing most of the preparations.

As hesitant as she was, I knew that we were going to be able to pull off a good set because good weather or not, I had a problem-solving mindset. The couple literally had a handful of days left and I assured them that we would be able to get the shots that we needed.

Hours before the prenup started, I received an email from Carlo saying, “Sir, ikaw na po bahala samin, show up nalang kami. Do what you do best and we pray to God to give you more wisdom, creativity and skills to perform really well.”

Before that, I had literally lifted everything up to God because I knew that He would make everything fall into place. The day ended with gorgeous light, a relaxed vibe, good food and a giddy couple who enjoyed the afternoon. <3

May you have a light week ahead and enjoy the photos!




Till & Mira

I could imagine the scene as it unfolded for Till: the perfect weather, waves crashing all around, the sand on his feet, the heat on his pale skin, the midday sun flaring away at his view…and across the shore, someone that would catch his attention. Someone he had never hoped to see but was there anyway—like a vision. Except this vision was on a surfboard catching swells and riding waves.

Marriage never entered Mira’s mind while on that fateful trip. In many ways, it was the farthest thing on her mind as she anticipated a close relationship with the sea and working on her tan. Bali on her birthday was a perfect way to unwind and the only thing that she was supposed to remember that day was that she celebrated her birthday there. It so happens that now, the sun, sand and surf are mere details to what happened next.

Enter the tall, dashing gentleman from Germany who was also on with a trip with his best buds. After the two met, they decided that they would carry on a long-distance relationship. Every two months, one would visit the other and taking a cue from how they met in another country, they both continued to explore the world together. These trips eventually strengthened their trust in each other and days turned into weeks and weeks into months. You could say that they went out of their way to make things work. Mira couldn’t say no to her gentleman’s charm and the true-blooded German in Till couldn’t ignore a woman who worked for San Miguel.

It’s amazing how in hindsight, random acts don’t seem random at all. How this one person—when we finally meet them—makes sense of everyone bad who happened to us. A random place can turn into a landmark for your heart and an ordinary birthday can also be an origin for a love story. Amazing isn’t it?

There is a brilliant law that states for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. In the confines of the observable scientific world, these reactions are mostly known. However, in the mercurial realm of romance, there are times that one does not know what to expect when they do something. Sometimes, a strapping young lad falls in love with their seatmate in college while in another time, a girl is smitten by the love of her life inside a coffee shop. It is with great fascination that I listen to love stories over and over—however different they may all be. For Till and Mira, who knew that planning a trip to Bali would cause them to find each other.

Cause and effect.

Sometimes, in order to find what you’re looking for, you have to take risks, move mountains, plan trips, meet people—anything. Although there are times when all that is necessary for you to meet the love of your life is to be patient, and wait while there are other times, when you just have to move–go against the flow of everything normal and ride a wave of faith.

Makeup: Pia Reyes
Hair: Dave Lopez
Venue: Shangri-La Boracay Resort & Spa



Till & Mira Prenup

Life throws things at us a hundred miles a minute. As daunting as it is, it does help when everything slows down. A prenup shoot at the beach is exactly what Till & Mira wanted to do. As beach junkies and lovers of the sun, they decided to just kick back the day before the wedding, take a tour of the venue and just soak up the afternoon sun at Shangri-La Boracay.

As we started the day, we couldn’t have been more blessed with a cerulean gradient on our skies, sparse clouds to enjoy the sun and enough warmth between two souls delighting in each other’s presence. You could say that it was a perfect day for everything beach-worthy and then some.

The session just saw Till and Mira walk around the grounds of the resort. It felt more of everyone lounging and just exploring everything than a conspired photoshoot. To cap things off, the couple decided to take to the shore and take their relaxing day up a notch.

May you find comfort in the parting of skies and be showered in sunlight. Cheers!

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