Zeus Martinez - The Storyteller

Hello, my name is Zeus. I’m a wedding photographer and romantic storyteller residing in Manila, Philippines.

I describe my style in four words: shoot from the heart.

I have always been a lover of stories. The photographs that I take always reflect that affinity for the narrative–either through photographs or words. The unguarded joy in a bride’s eyes, the poignant moments during preparation and the enchanting chemistry of two people in love–those are the moments that I remember. Those are the split seconds that I live for. Those are the photographs that I will find during your wedding day.

Your wedding day is one of the highlights of your life. And when you look back at the memories made on your big day, I would like you to remember.

Who you were at that instant.

What you were feeling.

The quick candid moment that will never happen again.

That time when you choked up because you thought this day would never come.

When you realized that forever could not have had a better beginning.

After the bright lights have faded, only two things will remain: the love you have for each other and the memories that you will remember.

Let me find those priceless moments for you.

What do you want to remember?